Stand Alone Novels

Although my main focus is writing in a series…I do write stand alone books as well.


Drake Dunner has had his mind and heart set on Nashville for as long as he can remember. He’d avoided any distraction or entanglement at all cost. Yet, one county fair, one small stage and a hot afternoon changed everything. Seeing her smile up at him was all it took. Now how does he keep his dream alive?

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Slade Rockers’s career wasn’t supposed to be over so soon, he was supposed to go out on top. When fate twisted, he turns to the only people he’s ever cared for, the Collinses. Despite a bruised ego, he returns home, back to the only other job he’d ever had. He cherishes the Irish pub and the family who owns it. He throws himself back into tending bar, letting the jokes and laughter heal him. Until his longtime friend makes him accept a blind date.

Kori Dalton is a fan of beauty. She’s surrounded by it working side by side with her cousin who owns Dalton Floral. One order is all it took to turn her world upside down. He picked up the bouquet she’d made, for some other woman, and left Kori breathless and still waiting for her own prince charming. If Mr. Tall and Handsome would have been a one-time meeting she’d have been fine. But her come-to-life fantasy man becomes a regular at their store, knocking her completely off her axis.

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