Meet The Characters

Easton Montgomery
Finding Perfect book # 6

Let’s start with the new hottie. We met Easton in Drew’s Last Hope (FP # 4). The six foot five inch, green eyed, bossy cousin of Hope Montgomery who is a large animal vet in a town about an hour from Renlend. Mom, Erica and dad, Jensen are extremely close to their son, and he’s a good guy. But, as we already saw, he is a take charge guy, way too hot for his own damn good and doesn’t have a lot of patience when things aren’t going exactly as he planned them. However, his heart is pure gold and his new niece has him wrapped around every one of her little fingers. She started working her way into his heart in book 4, and Natalie McKnight still hasn’t let go of her uncle’s heart.

Jessica Pierce… Finding Perfect book # 6…. At a major height disadvantage of five foot four, she can’t exactly see eye to eye with her new employer’s son, but that doesn’t mean she doesn’t go toe-to-toe with him! Easton makes her feel things she doesn’t want to, but at the same time, drives her absolutely up a wall with his need to tell her what to do. And who’s he to boss her, tell her not to roll her eyes? She’s been on her own for a long time. Yet, when work isn’t there to keep her mind busy, he creeps in filling her dreams at night. His penetrating green eyes see straight through her, the way he can read her stops her in her tracks. She’s kept herself away from anyone that can hurt her again. Yet, Easton…his pull is too powerful, and his subtle directions catch her off guard.