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I write because — well, I have to! I, both read and write, to escape the reality as we know it. I love a happily ever after, that dreamy romance you can get swept away in. But I am a self-confessed smart ass! My poor characters, it spills over into them all in varying degrees. They find themselves in situations they’d like to run from, have the earth swallow them up because they’re embarrassed. They also find out when it comes down to the wire–they’ve got people in their corner, no matter what.

I love hearing from my readers, so please email me. Let me know if you relate to a character–or if you’ve met me, (eeks!) which one you think I remind you of. My husband has his opinions for sure! To be honest, each book has bits and pieces of me, my life, friends, town, you name it–they’re all a part of me. The good, the bad and the total sarcastic smart ass.

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